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BATCH 23 NOTICE (24.10.2010):

Tracking numbers are up! :)

(Please refer to right sidebar).

Pos Laju parcels were posted on 22.10.2010 (Friday) & Pos Ekspress parcels will be posted on 25.10.2010 (Monday). Free gifts are included for the unexpected delay.


Dear all,

Thank you very much for your continuous support for A Fashion Haven.
We would like to announce that we are having a short break from now till November.
We will not be taking any orders for preorder items during this period.
However, ready stock clothes are still for sale.
We will be back in November with lots of yummy goodies :D


Don't like to wait?
Simply click on:-


Ready Stock: Studded Skirt

*Only 1 piece in hand*


March 2010 Tracking numbers

Updated: 7/3/2010

  • Pos Laju
  1. Iliyana - EN309988369MY
  2. Bibiana Lim - EN309988355MY
  3. Jessie Yeo - EN309988341MY
  4. Sharina - EN309988386MY
  5. Chan Sue Ann - EN309988390MY
  6. Irene Long - EN309988179MY
  7. Fennie Lim - EN309988165MY
  8. Alyana - EN309988151MY

  • Pos Laju
  1. Anita Ngoc Anh Nguyen - CP110866530MY


Batch 11/Eumora Tracking Numbers

Updated: 3/2/2010

  • Pos Laju (Posted on 2/2/2010)
  1. Syaza Nadzirah - EN309988236MY
  2. Suhashini Naidu - EN309988219MY
  3. Tracy Yii - EN309988284MY
  4. Fennie Lim - EN309988253MY
  5. Fardyiana Choo - EN309988616MY
  6. Khairunnisa - EN309988465MY
  7. Christal Bethia Martin - EN309988488MY
  8. Soo Sian - EN309988474MY
  9. Shufazia Noorain - EN309988593MY
  10. Sofia Lim - EN309988602MY
  11. Nabila Syanaz - EN309988182MY
  12. Ana Baizura - EN309988275MY
  13. Wong Yee Chen - EN309988205MY
  14. Sook Yee - EN309988267MY
  15. Kasthuri Muniandy - EN309988240MY

  • Pos Laju (Posted on 3/2/2010)
  1. Rosinah Hassin - EN309988443MY
  2. Fennie Lim - EN309988430MY
  3. Alyum Melati - EN309988409MY
  4. Nurul Ashikin - EN309988426MY
  5. Nur Intan Adlina - EN309988620MY

  • Pos Laju (pending)
  1. Irene Long - Waiting for posting instructions
  2. Stefanie Ang - Waiting for posting instructions
  3. Carol Harbin - Balance payment pending
  4. Hanisah - Waiting for posting instructions

  • Pos Ekspress
  1. Ismah - LD10 180 452 3MY
  2. Tiong Hui Mynn - LD10 180 458 5MY
  3. Kartina - LD10 180 453 7MY
  4. Chiew Fui Ching - LD10 180 454 5MY
  5. Dayana - LD10 180 455 4MY
  6. Shereen Chee - PX12 310 908 8MY

  • Pos Ekspress (Posted on 3/2/2010)
  1. Nur Jamalina Jamil - LD10 180 457 1MY
  2. Ana Farhana - PX12 310 907 4MY

  • CODs
  1. Jasprine (Pyramid)
  2. Vanessa Lim (1U)
  3. Putri (1U)
  4. Yan Sum (1U)
  5. Ho Soo Yee (Bandar Sri Damansara)
  6. Fini Fatiha (Bukit Rahman Putra)

*I have already emailed those whose items are out of stock.

*If you placed orders in Batch 11 but do not find your name here and did not receive my email, please send me an email :)

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