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BATCH 23 NOTICE (24.10.2010):

Tracking numbers are up! :)

(Please refer to right sidebar).

Pos Laju parcels were posted on 22.10.2010 (Friday) & Pos Ekspress parcels will be posted on 25.10.2010 (Monday). Free gifts are included for the unexpected delay.


Dear all,

Thank you very much for your continuous support for A Fashion Haven.
We would like to announce that we are having a short break from now till November.
We will not be taking any orders for preorder items during this period.
However, ready stock clothes are still for sale.
We will be back in November with lots of yummy goodies :D


Don't like to wait?
Simply click on:-


My Personal Top Picks of the Season

As my avid blog followers would know, there are a crazy amount of items in this blogshop. The official count is 572 as of 28 November 2009, 10.30pm and counting. With a crazy huge number like that, it is indeed very hard to make a decision on which items to actually buy. Believe me it is equally hard for me myself as well ;p

So to help you out, these are my personal top picks of the entire collection and the reasons why:

Best still, as these are my favorite items, there will be special prices and promotions on most of them :) Read on to find out :D

Ms Bree R1719

At first glance, this piece looks like an off-shoulder short dress. I ordered 2 pieces of it for myself and was pleasantly surprised to find that it can double up as a simple long tee :) At 73cm long, it is a very fashionable long tee indeed. Pair it with a mini skirt or hot pants and you're guaranteed to turn eyes with this simple yet stylish and sexy ensemble :)
Originally going @ RM36, you can now get it @ RM33 when you purchase more than 1 piece :)
This piece is definitely a wardrobe necessity :D

Stylish Big Lapels Coat R8069

When I saw this coat, my heart made a somersault cause it's sooo damn gorgeous and stylish. But then I thought, there's no autumn or winter in Malaysia so when would I get to wear it?? Well, since this piece is so elegant and timeless, and I'm bound to go overseas one time or another, I'll get it and keep it for future use! Smart! ;p
(Also available in white and black)

This piece is aptly called 2-sided jacket because you can literally wear it on both sides! On one side, it is made of plain woolly black and when worn on the other side, you get a plaids jacket. Available in white/grey plaids as well :)
Going @ RM45, I say this is a steal as you can pass it off as two different jackets. No one will know ;p

Ms Grace A7128

Ahh, another wardrobe basic! Need I say more? ;p Going @ RM4o :)
(Ori price: RM42)

3 Piece Cardi + Floral Dress + Khai Dress A7136

This piece is a real bargain! Going @ RM46 for 3 separate pieces, how can it not be a bargain? You have the khaki dres, then the floral dress, and finally the cardi in that awesome shade of maroon.
To be honest, what reeled me in is the cardi ;p It has a sash; good for emphasizing the waist..hehe.

Ms Mod Coat A7137

"Elegant and posh". These are the 2 words that comes to my mind when I first laid eyes on this beauty. This knitted cardigan gives off a regal feeling. A great number to accessorize our plain old tops with :)
Available @ RM40

Stretchable Straight Cut Pants A6863

This baby is definitely my favorite!! I personally have this piece in 2 different colors: Dark blue and purple :) Very comfortable and stylish, it is going for only RM39. Can you believe it?! RM36 per piece if you purchase more than one :D Skinny at the ankles, I'm not sure if it's called a straight cut actually ;p It also has two backs pockets and it's available in a host of other colors as well: White, Beige, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Purple.

Rugged Plush Jacket A7163

A bit on the pricey side but the material is to die for! Made of top notch quality material and with such a rugged good design, how can I resist?!
RM79 (Ori price: RM82)

Zipper Plain Jacket A6855

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't into the whole jacket look before this ;p I actually ordered this piece for a few customers at first and when it arrived, I totally fell in love with it and bought 2 colors of the same design..hehe. Plain, simple but yet so stylish. It's not over the top but still oozes style. Going @ RM37 only (STEAL!!!)

My Sparkly One Shoulder Top R1739

A perfect piece to wear on a Saturday night out! And with the whole raging one shoulder look going on (think Hollywood Red Carpets), what better time to invest in one myself :D

Thick Knitted Sweater R534

Now this piece needs no introduction. Basic thick knitted sweater, perfect for any occasion! Available in grey as well @ RM56. Special promo: Get 2 @ RM53 each!

Ms Janelle A7188

First thing that got me attracted was the color :D But don't let this simple piece fool you, it's actually a one-piece top. Yup, the outer piece is attached to the inner one. And what's even lovelier is that you can pair it with pants or skirt and wear it to the office. Or throw on a pair of jeans for a casual look. This baby can swing both ways!

This design always reminds me of Harvard students and don't ask me why. A preppy look with a twist as it's a short dress. Pair it with leggings or jeans for a more modest look :)

Winter Edition Shorts A7197

Cute shorts!! With a woolly hem, it's something different from other run of the mill ones we've seen so far :D
RM35 for 1
RM32 each for more than 1

Ms Rebecca Bloomwood A7106

A picture's worth a thousand words but when you look at the price for this piece, it's worth a million words! Going at only RM44 per piece, this stylish dress is exactly what I've been waiting for. And the best part is, it's available in 12 different colors:
Apple green
Lake blue
Dark green

RM44 for 1
RM42 each for 2
RM39 each for 3

Ms Sexy Lacey R7149

Lace is all the rage right now :D And this piece screams sexy without being over the top. Comes together with a halter black top but not attached. Going @ RM39

So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow is the last day for placing orders in Batch 9.
Order away!! :D



Last updates before closing of Batch 9 has been completed @ 9.30pm :)

Up next: My personal top picks! :D
(and the reasons why)

Sunday 29/11, 6pm

It'll make you go:

Reminder: Last day for receiving orders and payment - 30/11

Studded Bubble Skirt


Classy Chic Blouse



Hi Lovelies!

I will be out running errands today till 7pm.
For those who are making payment today, just text me
(017-2070762) to inform ya :)
For those who are going to submit your orders today, please wait till I get home to reply your mail k?



Hi lovelies! :)

Please email me again if I did not reply your email within 6 hours.
The same goes for order forms. If you do not hear from me within 6 hours after submitting your order form, please resubmit or email me.
There seems to be a problem with the order forms.
I did not receive a few order forms which were submitted.

Thank you and very sorry for the inconvenience my dears :(

p/s: Last and major major updates tonight before the closing of Batch 8 on Monday :) :)
Stay tuned!


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