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BATCH 23 NOTICE (24.10.2010):

Tracking numbers are up! :)

(Please refer to right sidebar).

Pos Laju parcels were posted on 22.10.2010 (Friday) & Pos Ekspress parcels will be posted on 25.10.2010 (Monday). Free gifts are included for the unexpected delay.


Dear all,

Thank you very much for your continuous support for A Fashion Haven.
We would like to announce that we are having a short break from now till November.
We will not be taking any orders for preorder items during this period.
However, ready stock clothes are still for sale.
We will be back in November with lots of yummy goodies :D


Don't like to wait?
Simply click on:-


Ready Stock: Classic LBD

*Only 1 piece in hand*


Batch 10 Tracking Numbers

Updated: 28/1/2010

  • Pos Laju
  1. Bibi Surya - ED879505013MY
  2. Norwahida Azami - ED879505058MY
  3. Shafiqah binti Hud - ED879505129MY
  4. Nurhidayah - ED879505035MY
  5. Castelin Tan - ED879505075MY
  6. Jasmine Ooi - ED879505092MY
  7. Katherine - ED879505115MY
  8. Nurul - ED905063792MY
  9. Caren - ED905063789MY
  10. Florence Lachoo - ED879505089MY
  11. Aida Zarina - EN253768740MY
  12. Claire Ng - EN253769263MY
  13. Tina Eu - EN253769229MY
  14. Hazwani Husna Zainal - EN253769025MY
  15. Wafaa Zulkifli - EN253769776MY
  16. Wan Sing - EN253768784MY
  17. Hafeeza Rahman - EN253769144MY
  18. Zulaikha Mohd Ali - EN253769189MY
  19. Surya Kuzi - EN253769881MY
  20. Nadia - EN309988647MY
  21. Marziana - EN253769538MY
  22. Chan Sue Ann - EN253769572MY
  23. Wan Hasmida - EN309988196MY

  • Pos Ekspress
  1. Yap Yen Hsia - PX12 310 905 7MY & LX52 389 493 2MY
  2. Kasthuri Muniandy - LX52 389 494 6MY
  3. Norismah Ismail - PX12 310 904 3MY
  4. Lim Yin Ping - LG10 425 299 1MY

  • CODs
  1. Batrisyia - Completed
  2. Khairunnisa - 1 Utama (23/1)
  3. Izzati - 1 Utama (23/1)
  4. Puvanesh - Pusat Bandar Damansara (22/1)
  5. Jenna - Mid Valley (22/1)


Ready Stock: Limited Edition Shorts

*one last piece in grey left*

A superbly cute piece! :D

Ready Stock: Basic Turtleneck Tees

*only white left*

Ready Stock: Panel Bodycon Skirts

*Extremely limited & strictly not restockable*
Last piece in Silver


Eumora Trial Bar

Available in 2 sizes

6 grams - RM29 inclusive of postage
12 grams - RM49 inclusive of postage

Good news for all you guys and gals who wanted to try Eumora previously but did not have enough budget to get the whole thing :D

Now we have decided to come out with Eumora trial bars!

One 6 gram trial bar can last up to 2 - 3 weeks depending on usage regularity.

One 12 gram trial bar can last up to 1 month plus :)

Best thing is, it is really affordable at RM29 and RM49 INCLUSIVE of postage :D

Yup, the price you see is the price you pay :)

So hurry up and send in your order forms!! :D

Original post on Eumora HERE

*COD is only available for purchase of 1 normal sized Eumora bar and above.
*For price of 1 normal sized bar or 1 box, please direct your mails to a.fashion.haven@gmail.com to enquire :)


Ms Lacey Dress

Scrunched Leggings (2010 Must-Have item!!)


Hi dearies,

There will be updates tonight at 9.30pm sharp and also for the next few days until 5/1/2010.
Again, I would like to stress that this will be the last preorder batch before the 2-month hiatus.
All clothes will arrive before Chinese New Year.
Preorder for clothes will resume in March 2010 :)
Happy browsing!

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